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【ENG】Impression of EGLX2018 by aMSa

Last weekend I attended EGLX2018. I just wrote about my impression of this tournament with my broken english

EGLX2018 is kind of Gaming Expo in Toronto.

There are kind of Indies game, VR game, Nintendo switch booth, goods, cosplay and more.



The Box looks pretty good!

But this tournament level was very high level.

15 players out of SSBMRANK 2017 Top30 players attended this tornament.

As a result, I got 

  • Melee Singles 4th place.
  • Melee Doubles 3rd place (with Axe)

I think this is one of my top place I have ever gotten. Here is my footage.


This is the second time I've teamed with Axe,Team Eggstatic(aMSa/Axe).

And we beat Wizzrobe / Prince Abu and SFAT / PewPewU!

This is really big step for us because everyone know PewFat is one of top teams right now.

We lost by PewFat in Losers Finals and we still have some challenge though(especially me), I believe Eggstatic will become better and better.

Thank you Axe for teaming with me again! Let's keep it up:)


just write about per matches.

vs PrinceAbu (JigglyPuff) SSBMRANK2017 43rd 


He is second best Jigglypuff.

I'm good at this matchup though, game 2 last stock, I really worried about rest too much and then I drop a game:/

By the way, using top platform looks pretty good for Yoshi against floaties.

vs SFAT (Fox) SSBMRANK2017 9th


This match is very impressive. He is very skillful in tactics.

He always got my first stock at first and had an advantage.

vs SwedishDelight (Sheik) SSBMRANK2017 16th


This is my first time I've played with him in tournament.

*This is my second time I've played with him in tournament.


Barely I beat him but last situation I was almost dead.

I should reflect for a while about vs Sheik matchup.

vs Ice (Fox) SSBMRANK2017 28th


Recently he was sponsored by RedBull.

In this match and vs Crush, My edgeguard was really good. Please check it.

vs Axe(Pikachu, Young Link) SSBMRANK2017 7th


He is best Pikachu player, doubles partner, one of my best friend and my goal.

We had to play for Top8. That was sad but I can keep my head.

Once I studyed about pikachu matchup in Japan though, I noticed he was not like usual.

The strongest memory was that I talked about this before going back to the hotel.

and then he said "No Johns" with smiling.

He is such a nice guy and thank you for treating me to pizza:)

vs Crush(Fox) SSBMRANK2017 15th


I think he's one of the smartest fox player. Once I tweeted he'll be top 10 player.

and we always became last game situation and fun to play with him.

I studyed him before Day2-Day3 Top8 and I think it helps me little bit.

vs Mew2King(Sheik) SSBMRANK2017 4th


One of Five Gods. My lifetime record is

EVO2013 1-2

KoC4 3-1

BoBC2 1-3

but this time I beat him again. Using top platform and Nair looks good at that time.

vs Wizzrobe(C.Falcon) SSBMRANK2017 8th


One of the best Falcon.

once I beat him at Genesis5. but I'm not ready for him at that time.

I figured out this matchup though, I can't controll myself.

I should play more C.Falcon.


My goal of this year is Top10 player in this world.

I'm proud of myself cuz I can beat Top10 players and higher ranked players in this year.

Thanks to the experiences of Smash Summit 5, I could totally changed my mind about Melee. And My coach, Kaito makes me better.

Thank you so much for inviting me to EGLX. I really enjoyed this event!

Keep it up for Next tournament, FullBloom4!

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I'll try to stream my daily melee practice.