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【ENG】Impression of Smash Summit 6

Last weekend I attended Smash Summit 6. I just wrote about my impression of this tournament.

Smash Summit 6 is kind of invitational tournament with 16 melee players.

  • 2saint: SSBMRANK 100
  • aMSa:  SSBMRANK 24
  • Armada:  SSBMRANK 2
  • Axe:  SSBMRANK 7
  • Ginger:  SSBMRANK 49
  • HugS:  SSBMRANK 23
  • Hungrybox:  SSBMRANK 1
  • Leffen:  SSBMRANK 6
  • Plup:  SSBMRANK 5
  • Mang0:  SSBMRANK 3
  • Mew2King:  SSBMRANK 4
  • n0ne:  SSBMRANK 20
  • Westballz:  SSBMRANK 18
  • Wizzrobe:  SSBMRANK 8
  • Zain:  SSBMRANK 22

As a result, I got 

  • Melee Singles 7th place.
  • Melee Doubles 5th place (with Axe)

Here is my footage.

05/01 - Summit .5 vs Jetlag

Maybe this is my first time I had jetlag.

After landing at Mang0's house, I slept 9 or 10 hrs...:/

Anyway thank you housing me, Mang0.

05/02,03 - Day 0 and Day 1 vs Jetlag 2

Day 0 and Day 1, Unfortunately I still had jetlag...

but getting better and better.

05/04 - Day 2 Doubles

We have doubles this time.

I think I can save my teammatem, Axe more.

Our synergy becomes better but I need to learn how to save my teammmate with Yoshi.

We lost by 2saint / HungryBox and Plup2King, we'll return at the GOML!

05/05 - Day 3 Singles Pools

I have no longer jet lag this time. Just focus on playing.

Singles pool is swiss format.

vs Axe (Pikachu, Falco) SSBMRANK2017 7th


game 1 was really good but his falco was super fast in game 2.

I feel confused and then dropped 2 more games. Ouch:/

vs HugS (Samus) SSBMRANK2017 23rd


I changed my strats compared with Genesis 5.

Using Platform more and shield pressure.

I learn alot against Samus. It also works:)

vs HungryBox(Jiggly Puff) SSBMRANK2017 1st


Finally, I beat him. I can't believe after this match.

Especially, game 3 was crazy. Maybe I take a game with timeout for the first time.


Then I finished 2-1 in my pool so I make it out of my pool in winners side.

05/06 - Day 4 Singles Bracket

vs Leffen (Fox) SSBMRANK2017 6th


I haven't been playing with him after APEX2015.

I feel Leffen is the best fox player in the world.

The opening was terrible every game.

At least I'd like to take a game next time!

vs n0ne(C.Falcon, Ganondorf) SSBMRANK2017 20th


I feel I lost at that time. That phantom helped me for sure:/

And I need more confidence when I play against C.Falcon.

vs Armada(Peach) SSBMRANK2017 2nd


I take a game against him for the first time, but not enough.

I need more patient against him and I have to learn how to deal with turnip.


I lost Leffen and Armada and then I got 7th place in singles.


Every Summit makes me better and better! Thank you so much for helding such a great event. Keep it up for Next tournament, GOML2018!

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I'll try to stream my daily melee practice.