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【ENG】Impression of EVO 2018 and SSC2018

The begining of this August, I attended EVO2018 and SSC2018.
It was just two weeks trip though, I learned a lot.
I just wrote about my impression of these tournament.
Here is my footage.


EVO2018 is well known to be one of the biggest fighting game tournament.
Fortunately, There was Super Smash Bros. Melee as a main event.
Melee attendees are about 1,300 melee players and some Japanese smashers attended.
As a result, I got 

  • Melee Singles 33rd place.
  • Melee Doubles 4th place (with Sanne)

That Melee Singles result was my worst tie record.

08/03 - Day 1 8am pool1

I slept really well this time. I can control my sleep schedule and have no jetlag and then went to the venue.


found Smash Ultimate background!

I did pretty good this time. I make it out of pool1 on winners side without losing a game.
I cheered for some Japanese smashers and then go back to hotel room.

08/04 - Day 2 Nightmare

My pool was supposed to be 10am and then Semi Finals.
and Japanese smashers, Hitori creates some images for me;)

I played Uncle mojo at first. I beat him 2-0 though, the game was close.
And then, I had to play Colbol.
I beat him at the last Big house though, I can't lose my focus but I lost 1-2.
Especially I missed edgeguard couple of times and can't punish side B.
I went to losers side and then lost by Duck 0-2.

I might not ready for EVO2018. This tournament was completely different with other tournaments. Especially Most of the matches are Bo3, so many attendees, other fighting games, and more.
and my EVO results are always too bad.

I need to change something for EVO. I'll do my best for next EVO.
By the way, I and Sanne also attend Doubles. we make it to 4th place that's not bad.

08/05 - Day 3 Melee Top 8


EVO Melee Top8 Venue

Day 3 was Melee Top 8.That Top 8 was really fun like 
Armada on fire, Big Leff.
The Top 8 makes me so excited. Next year for sure!!!


I went to HyperX Showdown event and then headed to SSC2018.


I had such a great time at HyperX Showdown

Image from Chillindude(
I was also planing to attend Xanadu though, I can't make it cuz of flight problems.


SSC trophies at the entrance

SSC venue is really good. There are alot of food places and Walmart close to the venue.
and This tournament is kind of festival for smashers.
There are not only competitive event but also cusual events.

As a result, I got 

  • Melee Singles 5th place.
  • Melee Doubles 17th place (with Sanne)

08/09 - Day 1 Combo Contest

I just went to the venue and play some doubles friendlies.
I and Sanne got better and better for doubles at this time. Finally figured out how to team combo with Yoshi and Fox.

And then We just watched Combo Contest for Smash 64.


Main stage

Japanese Combo Master, Prince always won this contest and this time too.

He three-peat Combo Contest! What a Legend!!
I also attended special melee event, that rule looks weird though, so much fun;)

08/10 - Day 2 Doubles

I and Sanne attended Melee Doubles.We made it to Top 48 on winners side though,
lost by HungryBox / Mew2King and MacD / Redd then got 17th place.

I realized Yoshi could do well more on doubles too. I needed to play doubles more. just try to find and develop doubles knowledge.

08/11 - Day 3 Singles

When I played singles after EVO, I had a flashback at that nightmare.
- I don't wanna lose -
That kind of feeling makes me bad.

Barely I made it to Phase 2(maybe Top192) on winners side, vs Cyrain(Fox) and other matches were close.

and Unfortunately, There were alot of upsets and DQ'd at this tournament.
I need to focus on matches more.
but I managed to beat TheSWOOPER(Samus) 2-0 and $mike(C.F) 2-0 and made it to Top32. 

08/12 - Day 4 Singles Top32

The first match was vs Jerry(Puff).He beats Ice and SFAT. and He just keeps his patient styles.
I also keep kind of patient styles and then barely beats him 3-1.
And then I had to play Armada on WQFs.
A lot of DQs doesn't mean anything for me. What is the thing that I should do?
Just trying to beat my opponents.
I can really focus on matches during vs Armada. Watching his movement, Trying to bait, and did my best.
I manage to take a game from him though, not enough for beating him.
But I got into the zone after playing with Armada.

Next match was vs DrunkSloth(ICs) and beat him 3-0 and then make it to Top8.

I only made it to Top8 at Apex2015 until last year. But I got coach after Summit 5 and then my results are getting better and better.
Stability is one of the most important things for competetively players. I feel so happy for making to Top8 after EVO.
The first top8 match was Lucky. I know I could do cuz I got into the zone.

beat him 3-0 and then I had to play with Mew2King.
His Sheik was always so smart. I lost by him 1-3. and finished 5th place.
And then watching the rest matches. The GFs, Armada vs Mew2King were really exciting. Diffinitely, it'll be One of the set of the year. This is why I really love Melee.
I couldn't be satisfied at all though, This experience also made me stronger.
And I felt I really wanna be Full time Melee Players as soon as possible.




Thank you so much for cheering for me at these tournament! I had such a great time.
I really appreciate it. I hope I'll be here next year too:) 

By the way, I'm not sure what is my next big tournament cuz the end of this year gonna be little bit busy for my job.
But I just gonna focus on playing melee and streaming more. I hope you guys enjoyed what I do;)
See you next tournament!

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【ENG】AMAs after GOML 2018

Hi there.I did AMAs on Twitter.

I copyed and pasted all of my answer as follows. Let's go:)


Q1:Best place you’ve ever had ramen !?
A1:Tatsunoya in Shinjuku

Q2:how long will it take for @lloD74 to become the 2nd best Yoshi player
A2:7 months for sure cuz Next SSBMRANK2018 will come next January and If he used Yoshi in tournament more, there is Yoshi’s icon on his secondary character and then he’s the 2nd best Yoshi player:D


- fav Japanese food?
- Fav american food?
- Fav food to eat while listening to jazz?

- Fav JPN food: Ramen 🍜
- Fav USA food: Steak 🥩
- Fav food to eat while listening to jazz: some bread 🍞 with coffee:)

Q5:2nd cutest melee player? (Besides you)

Q6:What was your best goml moment?
A6:make it to Top8 and join Top8 ceremony.

Q7:what is your proudest win

Q8:If you must choose 3, what characters do you want in smash 5 ?
A8:Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi

Q9:Do you enjoy fighting falco?
A9:I love fighting with every character cuz I can use Yoshi.

Q10:Second favorite character?
A10:Falco but garbage

Q11:What's your ideal type of woman?
A11:wild and free like a cat:)

Q12:Do you feel like you can be top 10 in the world this year?
A12:I hope so. This is my goal of this year. I’ll do my best for my goal.

Q13:Why did you choose red yoshi?
A13:from Mario RPG, the red essence

Q14:What is your favorite drink?

Q15:Do you notice any big differences between mid-level players in USA vs Japan?
A15:USA players are really fast but sometimes they’re lacking of neutral game.
Japanese players are the opposite side.

Q16:Why are you so damn beautiful?

Q17:top 5 favorite games?
 1: Super Smash Bros. Melee 
 2: Kirby Super Star
 3: Yoshi’s Island
 4: Super Mario Odyssey
 5: Project Diva

Q18:What is your favorite move in melee?

Q19:What song would you use if you made a combo video?
A19:Jazz or electronica

Q20:Smash 5 greninja player? :D

Q21:top 5 coolest characters?
A21:I can’t answer asap sorry;/

Q22:How did it feel to make Hbox lose at his own game? (Aka Timeout)
Where do you put yoshi on the tier list?
A22:heartbreaking. I think 7-10th close to Pikachu and Samus

Q23:Favorite Naruto character?

Q24:Favourite Vocaloid?
A24:hatsune mike :)

Q25:How do you like your eggs cooked?
A25:raw egg is the best.

Q26:what tournaments are you planning on going to next?
A26:EVO and SSC on this August

Q27:Favorite type of ramen?
A27:Jiro kei

Q28:What are you looking forward to most about the new smash game? Are you going to try to play both like with S4/melee
A28:Playing anywhere looks so good.
Maybe try to play both but My first priority is melee now.

Q29:What other games do you play at a top level?
A29:Drummania but not good as top players.

Q30:What are your training sessions like?
A30:checking platform, ground and ledge movements

Q31:Favorite food?
A31:ramen ramen

Q32:What melee character would you omit from the cast if you had to

Q33:sonic lost world
A33:not yet:/

Q34:do you like kpop
A34:I don’t know much

Q35:DK vs Yoshi matchup overall?
A35:Yoshi 60:40.

Q36:how do you deal with fox uptilt when you're on platforms?
A36:try to catch by fair

Q37:Persona 5?
A37:not yet

Q38:Favourite Canadian food?
A38:Steak at last night was 😊

Q39:If you could beat one of the top 6 consistently, who would you want it to be?
A39:All of them...

Q40:What’s your relationship with your family like? What is their attitude toward your professional gaming goals?
A40:My family always support me and I contact with them when I go some tournaments.

Q41:Buddy Rich or Roy Haynes
A41:Buddy Rich

Q42:Do you like Luigi in melee?

Q43:(not melee related but...) favourite kind of music/favourite music artists?
A43:Def Oscar Peterson:)

Q44:What are your thoughts when practicing?
Daily practice: try to solve my problem and look into new movements
In tournament:checking my movements

Q45:Will you and Axe please beat me up in real life?

Q46:where do you think Yoshi will be on the tier list in a year?
A46:Pikachu, Samus and Yoshi are super close imo. so probably 7-10th.

Q47:How would you say yoshi does against floaties like Peach, Puff, and ICs?
A47:Using Top platforms, Eggthrows are really good options against floaties

Q48:Do you like kaijus?
A48:I don’t know much about this:/

Q49:If you could change one thing in melee what would it be? ( i.e. characters, stages, competitive ruleset)
A49:Yoshi can jump out of sheild

Q50:Who is your inspiration?
A50:Axe, Hbox, Armada, Plup, Mang0, Vman, Fumi, Prince(64)

Q51:Favourite bands/songs?
A51:Some vocaloids and Jazz music.

Q52:Favorite anime?
A52:Clannad, Your Lie In Aprils

Q53:Would you go to BAM in future? It's in Melbourne, Australia and is close to Japan 😊 Its a major tournament.
A53:Yes for sure!

Q54:Favourite melee set you've ever played?
A54:vs Mang0 at APEX2015

Q55:how u feel about the peach matchup?
A55:One of the hardest matchup for Yoshi but personally I like this matchup:)

Q56:Favorite smash4 player to watch?
A56:VoiD, Nairo and ESAM

Q57:MU ratio for yoshi vs ganon?
A57:Yoshi 60:40

Q58:Fav movie?
A58:Avengers series, Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

Q59:Fav jp attraction outside Tokyo?
A59:Hokkaido: for food and nature
Osaka: for food like Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and more

Q60:Have you ever had ramen from nakiryu?
A60:not yet

Q61:How was your day?
A61:pretty good:)

Q62:When will you be going to @TempoAxe's house again? (Also thanks for saving melee)
A62:This August:)

Q63:if you were to give yoshi any ability in melee, what would you give him?
A63:jump out of shield

Q64:What's your favorite place to travel to?
A64:Canada, Vancouver

Q65:Boobs or butt? Tits or ass?
A65:Sub goal matters

Q66:Which player do you have the hardest time fighting against?
A66:I really believe myself right now so I couldn’t say who is the hardest.
If I said once, I would feel nervous when I play against anyone.

Q67:favorite manga?
A67:Girls Last Tour

Q68:Does Yoshi beat marth?
A68:really close to even imo.

Q69:I'm going to be in Tokyo all summer, what is something you recommend to do/eat? (I've also went last year)
A69:Ramen,soba,udon,tonkatsu, curry,sushi,sukiyaki and syabusyabu

Q70:LOW tier with the best MU against puff?
A70: Mr. Game and Watch maybe

Q71:Your favorite competitive player?
A71:except melee, Japanese Tekken players, Nobi, Yuu and SFV players, Nemo and Tokido

Q72:How do you prepare mentally before a supermajor?
- Studying opponents who will be playing with me.
- Relaxing by listening music before my matches.

Q73:Are you still planning on moving to Canada?
A73:Yes I have to make money at first so it will take 2 or 3 years for sure

Done. I hope you enjoy these AMAs!

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【ENG】Impression of GOML 2018

Last weekend I attended GOML 2018. I just wrote about my impression of this tournament.

GOML 2018 is Canadian tournament with about 450 melee players.

As a result, I got 

  • Melee Singles 5th place.
  • Melee Doubles 4th place (with Axe)

Here is my footage.

05/18 - Day 1 Funday

I slept really well this time. I can control my sleep schedule and have no jetlag and then went to the venue.


There are so many setups here.

This venue is the same with EGLX 2018. I feel so happy It's really close to the Toronto Pearson International Airport.
I just played some friendlies Day1. 

05/19 - Day 2 Singles Pools and Doubles

Doubles gonna start 10am. so I and Axe head to the venue around 9am and then we found sleep mode Robot, Mew2King


His sleep schedule looks really bad this time but he and Plup win doubles. Congratz :)
I and Axe did well but not enough this time. We lost by Swedish delight/Ice on WSF and llod/Rishi on LSF.
I could do well too. I just need to learn how to play doubles more. This summer I'll plan to go to the AZ so maybe we'll practice doubles too.
Thank you for teaming with me Axe! Eggstatic is so fun!!

My singles gonna start 6pm so I just took a break at the VIP room.


cupcakes at the VIP room <3

I made it to Top64 and then I played with Legend, JigglyPuff player in Canada.
I remember he beats PewPewU at EGLX2018 I'm ready for JigglyPuff this time.
I think I could do better against Puff more and just study this matchup and then it seems to work fine.

After beating him 3-0, Next opponent was La Luna.
I still remember we met first at EVO2013 in the hotel room but we have never played in tournament. He looks overthinking about Yoshi at this time and then I beat him 3-0 and make it to Top24 on winners side.

My seeding becomes really good from last year. I feel how important getting good seed is. but it let me and Axe play each other on WQFs.

05/20 - Day 3 Melee Singles Top24

I have to play Axe and then I lost 2-3.
That's not bad at all until game 4. FD is basically safe stage but Unfotunately I SDd twice:/
I think I should runback FD or DreamLand looks good at the game 5 but I was afraid of SDs in large stages. but the game was so fun:) 

After losing by Axe, I have to play with Duck for Top8.
This is my first time to play with him in tournament too. And play with Samus reminds me of Genesis 5 vs HugS little bit.
But I'm ready for Samus too. I can barely beat him 3-0.

And then Losers Top8 first match was vs Swedish Delight.
We played EGLX2018 and the game was super close. I think taking a game 2 was really important at that time and beat him 3-1.

I made it to Top6 but my running was finished by losing Mew2King 0-3.
I feel I need more power for running the tournament.

In last year, I always got 9th~17th place but recently I got over Top8 and then Apparently I run out of energy halfway.

It seems my next task for sure.

I watched Axe's running. He beats Mew2King and Zain were super cool!
He is my goal and someday I'd like to play with him on Grand Finals in big tournament!



Thank you so much for inviting me to GOML2018! I had such a great time.

I really appreciate it. I hope I'll be here next year too:) 


By the way, My next big tournament will be EVO2018 and SSC2018.
I attended a lot of tounaments in this year so I need a break little bit and just ready for them. Let's keep going!

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【ENG】Impression of Smash Summit 6

Last weekend I attended Smash Summit 6. I just wrote about my impression of this tournament.

Smash Summit 6 is kind of invitational tournament with 16 melee players.

  • 2saint: SSBMRANK 100
  • aMSa:  SSBMRANK 24
  • Armada:  SSBMRANK 2
  • Axe:  SSBMRANK 7
  • Ginger:  SSBMRANK 49
  • HugS:  SSBMRANK 23
  • Hungrybox:  SSBMRANK 1
  • Leffen:  SSBMRANK 6
  • Plup:  SSBMRANK 5
  • Mang0:  SSBMRANK 3
  • Mew2King:  SSBMRANK 4
  • n0ne:  SSBMRANK 20
  • Westballz:  SSBMRANK 18
  • Wizzrobe:  SSBMRANK 8
  • Zain:  SSBMRANK 22

As a result, I got 

  • Melee Singles 7th place.
  • Melee Doubles 5th place (with Axe)

Here is my footage.

05/01 - Summit .5 vs Jetlag

Maybe this is my first time I had jetlag.

After landing at Mang0's house, I slept 9 or 10 hrs...:/

Anyway thank you housing me, Mang0.

05/02,03 - Day 0 and Day 1 vs Jetlag 2

Day 0 and Day 1, Unfortunately I still had jetlag...

but getting better and better.

05/04 - Day 2 Doubles

We have doubles this time.

I think I can save my teammatem, Axe more.

Our synergy becomes better but I need to learn how to save my teammmate with Yoshi.

We lost by 2saint / HungryBox and Plup2King, we'll return at the GOML!

05/05 - Day 3 Singles Pools

I have no longer jet lag this time. Just focus on playing.

Singles pool is swiss format.

vs Axe (Pikachu, Falco) SSBMRANK2017 7th


game 1 was really good but his falco was super fast in game 2.

I feel confused and then dropped 2 more games. Ouch:/

vs HugS (Samus) SSBMRANK2017 23rd


I changed my strats compared with Genesis 5.

Using Platform more and shield pressure.

I learn alot against Samus. It also works:)

vs HungryBox(Jiggly Puff) SSBMRANK2017 1st


Finally, I beat him. I can't believe after this match.

Especially, game 3 was crazy. Maybe I take a game with timeout for the first time.


Then I finished 2-1 in my pool so I make it out of my pool in winners side.

05/06 - Day 4 Singles Bracket

vs Leffen (Fox) SSBMRANK2017 6th


I haven't been playing with him after APEX2015.

I feel Leffen is the best fox player in the world.

The opening was terrible every game.

At least I'd like to take a game next time!

vs n0ne(C.Falcon, Ganondorf) SSBMRANK2017 20th


I feel I lost at that time. That phantom helped me for sure:/

And I need more confidence when I play against C.Falcon.

vs Armada(Peach) SSBMRANK2017 2nd


I take a game against him for the first time, but not enough.

I need more patient against him and I have to learn how to deal with turnip.


I lost Leffen and Armada and then I got 7th place in singles.


Every Summit makes me better and better! Thank you so much for helding such a great event. Keep it up for Next tournament, GOML2018!

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海外大会Full Bloom4 から得たもの

















対Mang0 (Falco) で得たこと





















【ENG】Impression of Full Bloom 4

Hello, I'm aMSa. Japanese No.1 Super Smash Bros. Melee Red Yoshi player.

I attended Full Bloom 4 this weekend! I just wrote about my impression of this tournament:)

What is Full Bloom 4?

According to Tempo Vro's tweet, This tournament is such a high level tournament.

  • 47 Top 100 Players
  • 7 Top 10 Players
  • 354 Singles Entrants

Maybe second hardest tournament on this year right now.

and It also has Smash Summit 6 Qualifiers.

Unfortunately, I and Axe can't atttend doubles. but I got a cough at this time so

I was dead if I attended doubles at this time.

As a result, I got 

  • Melee Singles 7th place.

I got better and better! Here is my footage.

Full Bloom 4 aMSa - YouTube



just write about per matches.

vs MikeHaze (Fox) SSBMRANK2017 25th 


I played friendlies couple of times with him but recently We didn't play at the tournament.

I learn a lot about vs Fox this time it works.

vs PewPewU (Fox) SSBMRANK2017 21st


Finally beat my demon, PewPewU's Fox.

Once We played MLG 2014. He used Marth at that time and I barely won 3-2.

but I met with him second time(maybe at EVO2014 or EVO2015), he used Fox and I can't do anything about him. SSC2016 too.

but I really take my time to study about PewPewU's fox, and won.

This victory was giant step for me.

vs Mang0 (Falco) SSBMRANK2017 3rd


It was such a close game!

I did my best but he proved himself.

I noticed his platform movement is crazy good so after third game I tried to use Final Destination.

Generally, Final Destination is considered bad stage for Yoshi.

but I don't think so cuz Yoshi's neutral game becomes worse though, combo game and edgeguard becomes better.

It works. but I have to do something more at last moment.

I'll beat him next time.

vs AbesentPage (Sheik, Fox) SSBMRANK2017 74th


Once I played with him at EVO2017. He used Fox though, he used Sheik this time.

I was grabbed couple of times so If he learned chain grab, the situation might be changed.

And then I make it to Top8!

vs Wizzrobe(C.Falcon) SSBMRANK2017 8th



I did better compared with EGLX2018. but I have to take a game on Game1 or Game2.

I still need to improve vs C.Falcon matchup though, Just focus on him more.


Making it to Top8 looks pretty good current my status.

Thank you so much for inviting me to Full Bloom 4! And Full Bloom4 staff!

I'd like to talk and play with you guys more though, I got a cough....

Basically I played friendlies more especially local players when I was Invited tournament, but I can't do anything for a cough and need a break a lot of times:/

I'd like to apologize to you.


Anyway, Keep it up for Next tournament... Maybe... Summit?:)

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【ENG】Impression of EGLX2018 by aMSa

Last weekend I attended EGLX2018. I just wrote about my impression of this tournament with my broken english

EGLX2018 is kind of Gaming Expo in Toronto.

There are kind of Indies game, VR game, Nintendo switch booth, goods, cosplay and more.



The Box looks pretty good!

But this tournament level was very high level.

15 players out of SSBMRANK 2017 Top30 players attended this tornament.

As a result, I got 

  • Melee Singles 4th place.
  • Melee Doubles 3rd place (with Axe)

I think this is one of my top place I have ever gotten. Here is my footage.


This is the second time I've teamed with Axe,Team Eggstatic(aMSa/Axe).

And we beat Wizzrobe / Prince Abu and SFAT / PewPewU!

This is really big step for us because everyone know PewFat is one of top teams right now.

We lost by PewFat in Losers Finals and we still have some challenge though(especially me), I believe Eggstatic will become better and better.

Thank you Axe for teaming with me again! Let's keep it up:)


just write about per matches.

vs PrinceAbu (JigglyPuff) SSBMRANK2017 43rd 


He is second best Jigglypuff.

I'm good at this matchup though, game 2 last stock, I really worried about rest too much and then I drop a game:/

By the way, using top platform looks pretty good for Yoshi against floaties.

vs SFAT (Fox) SSBMRANK2017 9th


This match is very impressive. He is very skillful in tactics.

He always got my first stock at first and had an advantage.

vs SwedishDelight (Sheik) SSBMRANK2017 16th


This is my first time I've played with him in tournament.

*This is my second time I've played with him in tournament.


Barely I beat him but last situation I was almost dead.

I should reflect for a while about vs Sheik matchup.

vs Ice (Fox) SSBMRANK2017 28th


Recently he was sponsored by RedBull.

In this match and vs Crush, My edgeguard was really good. Please check it.

vs Axe(Pikachu, Young Link) SSBMRANK2017 7th


He is best Pikachu player, doubles partner, one of my best friend and my goal.

We had to play for Top8. That was sad but I can keep my head.

Once I studyed about pikachu matchup in Japan though, I noticed he was not like usual.

The strongest memory was that I talked about this before going back to the hotel.

and then he said "No Johns" with smiling.

He is such a nice guy and thank you for treating me to pizza:)

vs Crush(Fox) SSBMRANK2017 15th


I think he's one of the smartest fox player. Once I tweeted he'll be top 10 player.

and we always became last game situation and fun to play with him.

I studyed him before Day2-Day3 Top8 and I think it helps me little bit.

vs Mew2King(Sheik) SSBMRANK2017 4th


One of Five Gods. My lifetime record is

EVO2013 1-2

KoC4 3-1

BoBC2 1-3

but this time I beat him again. Using top platform and Nair looks good at that time.

vs Wizzrobe(C.Falcon) SSBMRANK2017 8th


One of the best Falcon.

once I beat him at Genesis5. but I'm not ready for him at that time.

I figured out this matchup though, I can't controll myself.

I should play more C.Falcon.


My goal of this year is Top10 player in this world.

I'm proud of myself cuz I can beat Top10 players and higher ranked players in this year.

Thanks to the experiences of Smash Summit 5, I could totally changed my mind about Melee. And My coach, Kaito makes me better.

Thank you so much for inviting me to EGLX. I really enjoyed this event!

Keep it up for Next tournament, FullBloom4!

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