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【ENG】AMAs after GOML 2018

Hi there.I did AMAs on Twitter.

I copyed and pasted all of my answer as follows. Let's go:)


Q1:Best place you’ve ever had ramen !?
A1:Tatsunoya in Shinjuku

Q2:how long will it take for @lloD74 to become the 2nd best Yoshi player
A2:7 months for sure cuz Next SSBMRANK2018 will come next January and If he used Yoshi in tournament more, there is Yoshi’s icon on his secondary character and then he’s the 2nd best Yoshi player:D


- fav Japanese food?
- Fav american food?
- Fav food to eat while listening to jazz?

- Fav JPN food: Ramen 🍜
- Fav USA food: Steak 🥩
- Fav food to eat while listening to jazz: some bread 🍞 with coffee:)

Q5:2nd cutest melee player? (Besides you)

Q6:What was your best goml moment?
A6:make it to Top8 and join Top8 ceremony.

Q7:what is your proudest win

Q8:If you must choose 3, what characters do you want in smash 5 ?
A8:Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi

Q9:Do you enjoy fighting falco?
A9:I love fighting with every character cuz I can use Yoshi.

Q10:Second favorite character?
A10:Falco but garbage

Q11:What's your ideal type of woman?
A11:wild and free like a cat:)

Q12:Do you feel like you can be top 10 in the world this year?
A12:I hope so. This is my goal of this year. I’ll do my best for my goal.

Q13:Why did you choose red yoshi?
A13:from Mario RPG, the red essence

Q14:What is your favorite drink?

Q15:Do you notice any big differences between mid-level players in USA vs Japan?
A15:USA players are really fast but sometimes they’re lacking of neutral game.
Japanese players are the opposite side.

Q16:Why are you so damn beautiful?

Q17:top 5 favorite games?
 1: Super Smash Bros. Melee 
 2: Kirby Super Star
 3: Yoshi’s Island
 4: Super Mario Odyssey
 5: Project Diva

Q18:What is your favorite move in melee?

Q19:What song would you use if you made a combo video?
A19:Jazz or electronica

Q20:Smash 5 greninja player? :D

Q21:top 5 coolest characters?
A21:I can’t answer asap sorry;/

Q22:How did it feel to make Hbox lose at his own game? (Aka Timeout)
Where do you put yoshi on the tier list?
A22:heartbreaking. I think 7-10th close to Pikachu and Samus

Q23:Favorite Naruto character?

Q24:Favourite Vocaloid?
A24:hatsune mike :)

Q25:How do you like your eggs cooked?
A25:raw egg is the best.

Q26:what tournaments are you planning on going to next?
A26:EVO and SSC on this August

Q27:Favorite type of ramen?
A27:Jiro kei

Q28:What are you looking forward to most about the new smash game? Are you going to try to play both like with S4/melee
A28:Playing anywhere looks so good.
Maybe try to play both but My first priority is melee now.

Q29:What other games do you play at a top level?
A29:Drummania but not good as top players.

Q30:What are your training sessions like?
A30:checking platform, ground and ledge movements

Q31:Favorite food?
A31:ramen ramen

Q32:What melee character would you omit from the cast if you had to

Q33:sonic lost world
A33:not yet:/

Q34:do you like kpop
A34:I don’t know much

Q35:DK vs Yoshi matchup overall?
A35:Yoshi 60:40.

Q36:how do you deal with fox uptilt when you're on platforms?
A36:try to catch by fair

Q37:Persona 5?
A37:not yet

Q38:Favourite Canadian food?
A38:Steak at last night was 😊

Q39:If you could beat one of the top 6 consistently, who would you want it to be?
A39:All of them...

Q40:What’s your relationship with your family like? What is their attitude toward your professional gaming goals?
A40:My family always support me and I contact with them when I go some tournaments.

Q41:Buddy Rich or Roy Haynes
A41:Buddy Rich

Q42:Do you like Luigi in melee?

Q43:(not melee related but...) favourite kind of music/favourite music artists?
A43:Def Oscar Peterson:)

Q44:What are your thoughts when practicing?
Daily practice: try to solve my problem and look into new movements
In tournament:checking my movements

Q45:Will you and Axe please beat me up in real life?

Q46:where do you think Yoshi will be on the tier list in a year?
A46:Pikachu, Samus and Yoshi are super close imo. so probably 7-10th.

Q47:How would you say yoshi does against floaties like Peach, Puff, and ICs?
A47:Using Top platforms, Eggthrows are really good options against floaties

Q48:Do you like kaijus?
A48:I don’t know much about this:/

Q49:If you could change one thing in melee what would it be? ( i.e. characters, stages, competitive ruleset)
A49:Yoshi can jump out of sheild

Q50:Who is your inspiration?
A50:Axe, Hbox, Armada, Plup, Mang0, Vman, Fumi, Prince(64)

Q51:Favourite bands/songs?
A51:Some vocaloids and Jazz music.

Q52:Favorite anime?
A52:Clannad, Your Lie In Aprils

Q53:Would you go to BAM in future? It's in Melbourne, Australia and is close to Japan 😊 Its a major tournament.
A53:Yes for sure!

Q54:Favourite melee set you've ever played?
A54:vs Mang0 at APEX2015

Q55:how u feel about the peach matchup?
A55:One of the hardest matchup for Yoshi but personally I like this matchup:)

Q56:Favorite smash4 player to watch?
A56:VoiD, Nairo and ESAM

Q57:MU ratio for yoshi vs ganon?
A57:Yoshi 60:40

Q58:Fav movie?
A58:Avengers series, Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

Q59:Fav jp attraction outside Tokyo?
A59:Hokkaido: for food and nature
Osaka: for food like Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and more

Q60:Have you ever had ramen from nakiryu?
A60:not yet

Q61:How was your day?
A61:pretty good:)

Q62:When will you be going to @TempoAxe's house again? (Also thanks for saving melee)
A62:This August:)

Q63:if you were to give yoshi any ability in melee, what would you give him?
A63:jump out of shield

Q64:What's your favorite place to travel to?
A64:Canada, Vancouver

Q65:Boobs or butt? Tits or ass?
A65:Sub goal matters

Q66:Which player do you have the hardest time fighting against?
A66:I really believe myself right now so I couldn’t say who is the hardest.
If I said once, I would feel nervous when I play against anyone.

Q67:favorite manga?
A67:Girls Last Tour

Q68:Does Yoshi beat marth?
A68:really close to even imo.

Q69:I'm going to be in Tokyo all summer, what is something you recommend to do/eat? (I've also went last year)
A69:Ramen,soba,udon,tonkatsu, curry,sushi,sukiyaki and syabusyabu

Q70:LOW tier with the best MU against puff?
A70: Mr. Game and Watch maybe

Q71:Your favorite competitive player?
A71:except melee, Japanese Tekken players, Nobi, Yuu and SFV players, Nemo and Tokido

Q72:How do you prepare mentally before a supermajor?
- Studying opponents who will be playing with me.
- Relaxing by listening music before my matches.

Q73:Are you still planning on moving to Canada?
A73:Yes I have to make money at first so it will take 2 or 3 years for sure

Done. I hope you enjoy these AMAs!

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