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【ENG】Impression of Full Bloom 4

Hello, I'm aMSa. Japanese No.1 Super Smash Bros. Melee Red Yoshi player.

I attended Full Bloom 4 this weekend! I just wrote about my impression of this tournament:)

What is Full Bloom 4?

According to Tempo Vro's tweet, This tournament is such a high level tournament.

  • 47 Top 100 Players
  • 7 Top 10 Players
  • 354 Singles Entrants

Maybe second hardest tournament on this year right now.

and It also has Smash Summit 6 Qualifiers.

Unfortunately, I and Axe can't atttend doubles. but I got a cough at this time so

I was dead if I attended doubles at this time.

As a result, I got 

  • Melee Singles 7th place.

I got better and better! Here is my footage.

Full Bloom 4 aMSa - YouTube



just write about per matches.

vs MikeHaze (Fox) SSBMRANK2017 25th 


I played friendlies couple of times with him but recently We didn't play at the tournament.

I learn a lot about vs Fox this time it works.

vs PewPewU (Fox) SSBMRANK2017 21st


Finally beat my demon, PewPewU's Fox.

Once We played MLG 2014. He used Marth at that time and I barely won 3-2.

but I met with him second time(maybe at EVO2014 or EVO2015), he used Fox and I can't do anything about him. SSC2016 too.

but I really take my time to study about PewPewU's fox, and won.

This victory was giant step for me.

vs Mang0 (Falco) SSBMRANK2017 3rd


It was such a close game!

I did my best but he proved himself.

I noticed his platform movement is crazy good so after third game I tried to use Final Destination.

Generally, Final Destination is considered bad stage for Yoshi.

but I don't think so cuz Yoshi's neutral game becomes worse though, combo game and edgeguard becomes better.

It works. but I have to do something more at last moment.

I'll beat him next time.

vs AbesentPage (Sheik, Fox) SSBMRANK2017 74th


Once I played with him at EVO2017. He used Fox though, he used Sheik this time.

I was grabbed couple of times so If he learned chain grab, the situation might be changed.

And then I make it to Top8!

vs Wizzrobe(C.Falcon) SSBMRANK2017 8th



I did better compared with EGLX2018. but I have to take a game on Game1 or Game2.

I still need to improve vs C.Falcon matchup though, Just focus on him more.


Making it to Top8 looks pretty good current my status.

Thank you so much for inviting me to Full Bloom 4! And Full Bloom4 staff!

I'd like to talk and play with you guys more though, I got a cough....

Basically I played friendlies more especially local players when I was Invited tournament, but I can't do anything for a cough and need a break a lot of times:/

I'd like to apologize to you.


Anyway, Keep it up for Next tournament... Maybe... Summit?:)

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I'll try to stream my daily melee practice.